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Welcome to Undisclosed Location.

Here, we celebrate the beautiful marriage of

Asian & Mexican Cuisines.  

We are now open:

Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays: 12noon-9pm

Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays: 9am-11pm 

Click on picture below to see menu:

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Operation Times:

Monday - Thursday: 12noon till 9pm

Kitchen Closes at 8.30pm

Fridays - Sundays: 9am till 11pm

Kitchen Break at: 330pm-5pm

Kitchen Closes at 9.30pm

Tuesday: CLOSED

No Outside Cakes & Drinks Allowed.

What's new? What's new?What's new? What's new?

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We are now open for Dinner on Weekdays. From 12noon to 9pm. 

Reserve a table with us today.

Explore the Mezcal World with Us and Marcanegra.

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Signature Chili Crab Nachos. Click To Reserve.


Signature Asam Fish Taco. Click To Reserve.


hosting a
Taco Party?

Planning to host an event with amazing tacos and margaritas? Look no further! We love to host taco parties up to 45 pax.

Contact us now, and let get this party started!

Mezcal & Tequila Cocktail Menu

What is Mezcal?

Mezcal is produced from the hearts of agave plants, that resemble giant pineapples, or "piñas" in Spanish, after their arms have been hacked off by hand with machetes.


The piñas, which are high in sugar content, are cut in quarters, then slow-roasted for days underground in earthen ovens lined with lava stones. After being roasted, the piñas are mashed under the weight of a giant stone called a "tahona" that resembles Fred Flintstone's wheel and is pulled by a mule, horse or ox to extract the juice.


The agave juice is fermented in large vats that pull wild yeast from the air.

The fermented agave juice, which tastes similar to kombucha, is poured into copper stills and distilled twice, and sometimes three times. Some producers hang spices, nuts, grains and fruits inside the still during the final distillation to add different notes and flavors produced from vapors.


A raw turkey or chicken breast is also sometimes hung inside the still during a final round of distillation, partly to impart a subtle poultry flavor and partly as a sacrificial rite rooted in the ancient Indigenous cultures of southern Mexico.


The liquid that trickles out of the other end of the still after the final distillation is mezcal.

Click On Picture For Mezcal & Tequila Cocktail Menu

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Click On Picture For Our Wine List.

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Latest Features

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Get all your favorite tacos and

nachos right to your doorstep.

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Join the family!

We’ve built a tightly-knit team that does great work and has a fun time doing it. Some of us were regulars, some worked in the coffee industry, and some joined to be a part of a passionate and close team who share the same love for good food and specialty coffee.

We’re always looking for more awesome people to dive in, crack some jokes, and get their hands dirty with us.

Send in your resume to

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