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    Contact Us Location & Hours Address 1, Jalan SS4C / 5, Taman Rasa Sayang, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor ​ Opening Hours Mon-Thurs: 11am - 6pm Fri-Sunday: 11am - 9pm (Kitchen Break Time:330pm-5pm) Tues: Off Inquires Have any questions about the menu or dining experience? Leave us a message. 012-9026648 First Name Last Name Email Write a Message Submit Thanks for submitting!

  • Malaysian-Mexican Food | Undisclosed Location | Petaling Jaya

    Welcome to Undisclosed Location. Here, we celebrate the beautiful marriage of Asian & Mexican Cuisines. ​ We are now open: left picture: brunch menu (opening till 3.30pm) right picture: all day menu ​ Click on picture below to see menu: ​ Operation Times: ​ Monday - Thursday: 12noon till 10pm Kitchen Closes at 8.30pm ​ Fridays - Sundays: 11am till 11pm Kitchen Break at: 3.30pm-5pm Kitchen Closes at 9.30pm ​ Tuesday: CLOSED ​ Using 100% Halal Ingredients & Pork Free Food. Reservation Terms & Conditions ​ Reservation Confirmation: Your reservation is confirmed once you receive a confirmation email. Reservation Changes: If you need to modify your reservation, such as adjusting the number of guests or changing the date or time, please contact us at 012-9026648. Arrival Time: It's advisable to a rrive promptly to ensure your table is held for you. We will only hold your table for a maximum of 10mins. Dining Time: We have a 90 minutes dining time. Subject to avail ability, if there are no reservations scheduled for your table immediately after you r allotted time, y ou may be able to continue sitting. Group Reservations: For larger groups above 12 pax, there may be specific terms and conditions regarding group size, pre-ordering, set menus, or private event requirements. It's advisable to contact us directly at 012-9026648. Table Seating : Indoor Seatin g are First Com e First Serve Basis and Subject to availability. A reservation does not mean indoor automatically. NO OUTSIDE CAKES & FOOD. A surcharge will be applied to outside food, including cakes for RM30, while corkage fees for wine are set at RM50, and RM100 for spirits and other beverages. make a reservation What's new? What's new?What's new? What's new? Let's kickstart the birthday party with a complimentary tequila shots! Let us know if it's your birthday! Don't forget to drip your favorite Tacos in our Habanero Hot Sauce. Reserve a table today! Discover the World of Mezcal With Us! We now offer an exquisite selection of Pechuga, Tobalá, Espadín, and Ensamble from the renowned Montelobos. Don't just taste, explore. Click on Image to Learn More. Click on the picture and get a table for your love one's birthday! Click On Picture To Reserve A Table. When's yours? What is Mezcal? Mezcal is produced from the hearts of agave plants, that resemble giant pineapples, or "piñas" in Spanish, after their arms have been hacked off by hand with machetes. The piñas, which are high in sugar content, are cut in quarters, then slow-roasted for days underground in earthen ovens lined with lava stones. After being roasted, the piñas are mashed under the weight of a giant stone called a "tahona" that resembles Fred Flintstone's wheel and is pulled by a mule, horse or ox to extract the juice. The agave juice is fermented in large vats that pull wild yeast from the air. The fermented agave juice, which tastes similar to kombucha, is poured into copper stills and distilled twice, and sometimes three times. Some producers hang spices, nuts, grains and fruits inside the still during the final distillation to add different notes and flavors produced from vapors. A raw turkey or chicken breast is also sometimes hung inside the still during a final round of distillation, partly to impart a subtle poultry flavor and partly as a sacrificial rite rooted in the ancient Indigenous cultures of southern Mexico. The liquid that trickles out of the other end of the still after the final distillation is mezcal. Click On Picture For Mezcal & Tequila Cocktail Menu hosting a Taco Party? Planning to host an event with amazing tacos and margaritas? Look no further! We love to host taco parties up to 45 pax. Contact us now, and let get this party started! Lets party! Latest Features Don’t just take our word for it - shout out to our awesome community for showing us some love. See what our community has to say about Undisclosed Location The Sun IN the heart of Petaling Jaya, there lies a culinary gem that boldly brings together the vibrant flavours of Malaysian and Mexican cuisines. This place is known as the Undisclosed Location. Intrigued by the fusion of these two rich culinary traditions, my colleagues and I embarked on a gastronomic adventure, uncovering a unique blend of tastes that left us craving for more. Read More... travelswithsun Undisclosed Location launched in April 2022. This is food and beverage maestro, Mervin Chin’s second F&B project. With Undisclosed Location, Mervin wanted to create a sense of mystery. And the almost-featureless facade reflects that. The simple entrance is to encourage customers to have no expectations until they enter the café. Read More... The Edge At a glance: If you aren’t always scouring the internet for new places to dine at or don’t have a brigade of foodie friends to keep you clued in, chances are you would never stumble upon Undisclosed Location. Granted, this particular patch in SS4 PJ is already beloved by hardcore foodies — But Undisclosed Location (along with the super-new Guan’s Kopitiam) is the latest to populate the stretch. .. Read More... EatDrinkKL Undisclosed Location unveils an unabashed sense of humour, revelling in its rebellious name, art-adoring adornments (spot the sculpture of Theseus slaying the Minotaur, while portraits of Artemis and Fyodor Dostoyevsky observe nearby) and genre-defying menu. A Malaccan-Mexican mash-up makes up the Asam Fish Tacos, stuffed with crisp fish fingers slathered in southern Malaysian-style tangy gravy, topped with guacamole, mozzarella, house-made sour cream, pico de gallo and jalapeños. Read More... Says.Com The interior of Undisclosed Location is simple, yet unassuming at the same time. With dark walls through a mixture of grey and black tones, the open floor plan of this eatery displays its uniqueness in their coffee bar, where you can watch the baristas work their magic. When asked about the concept behind the blueprint of the cafe, Mervin noted, "I wanted to remove the glitz and the glamour other brunch cafes tend to use. Let the food do the talking for itself." Read More... TheYumList The word ‘combination’ keeps coming up again and again when I think about one of the newest eateries to open recently in the Taman Rasa Sayang area of Petaling Jaya. A pleasing combination of excellent coffees and cakes. A thoughtful combination of fresh, clean and flavourful ingredients with attentive customer service. An enjoyable combination of a neighbourhood hangout with a modern and exciting menu. Undisclosed Location will quickly... Read More... Delivery Get all your favorite tacos and nachos right to your doorstep. Delivery / Pick Up Request a Table Select your details and we’ll try get the best seats for you Join the family! We’ve built a tightly-knit team that does great work and has a fun time doing it. Some of us were regulars, some worked in the coffee industry, and some joined to be a part of a passionate and close team who share the same love for good food and specialty coffee. We’re always looking for more awesome people to dive in, crack some jokes, and get their hands dirty with us. Send in your resume to About Me

  • About Us! | Undisclosed Location

    About Undisclosed location Malaysian-Mexican Affair We love Asian Food and Mexican Food, so why not both? With over 5 years serving Authentic Asian Food in Bandar Sri Damansara, we are now putting our culinary skills to the test by combining the best of Asian Cuisine and Mexican Cuisine. Let us know if you are keen on joining us for an adventure you cannot get anywhere else. Check out our Menu!

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    Request a reservation Select your details and we’ll try get the best seats for you Party size 2 guests Date Time

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